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We’re glad you’ve found us. If you’re eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, you’ve come to the right place to explore your healthcare coverage options.

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About Us

At Dual Special Needs Plans, we specialize in helping individuals like you navigate the complex world of Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs).

These unique plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage by combining and coordinating your Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Our Services

What We Offer

D-SNP Eligibility Assessment

We evaluate your current Medicare and Medicaid status to determine your eligibility for Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans. Our thorough assessment ensures you have access to all the benefits you're entitled to receive.

Personalized Plan Comparison

We analyze available D-SNP options in your area, comparing benefits, costs, and provider networks. This personalized service helps you identify the plan that best fits your unique healthcare needs and preferences.

Benefit Coordination Guidance

We help you understand how D-SNPs coordinate your Medicare and Medicaid benefits, explaining how these plans can maximize your coverage and potentially reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Enrollment Assistance

Our step-by-step enrollment support takes the stress out of joining a D-SNP. We guide you through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is completed accurately and submitted on time.

Annual Coverage Review

Healthcare needs and plan offerings can change year to year. We provide annual reviews of your D-SNP coverage to ensure it continues to meet your needs, and assist with plan changes if necessary during appropriate enrollment periods.

Ongoing Support and Advocacy

We offer continuous support throughout your membership in a D-SNP. From explaining complex benefit details to helping resolve issues with providers or the plan itself, we act as your dedicated advocate to ensure you're getting the most from your coverage.

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About Us

We understand that managing your health while juggling two different government programs can be overwhelming.

Specialized Expertise in D-SNPs

At Dual Special Needs Plans, we focus exclusively on Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans. Our in-depth knowledge of these specialized Medicare Advantage plans, combined with our understanding of Medicaid, allows us to provide unparalleled guidance.

Personalized Approach to Complex Needs

We recognize that individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid often have complex healthcare needs.

Streamlined Coordination of Benefits

Navigating two government health programs simultaneously can be overwhelming. We simplify this process by helping you understand how D-SNPs coordinate your Medicare and Medicaid benefits.


Love from Clients

"I was so confused trying to manage both Medicare and Medicaid. The team at Dual Special Needs Plans was a godsend. They explained everything in simple terms and found me a D-SNP that covers all my needs - even my dental and vision care! Now I have one card for all my healthcare, and I'm saving money too. Their ongoing support has been invaluable. I'm grateful for their expertise and patience."
Maria S., 68,
D-SNP member for 2 years
"As a caregiver for my mother with multiple chronic conditions, I was overwhelmed by her healthcare coverage. Dual Special Needs Plans simplified everything. They found a plan that includes all her doctors and even provides transportation to appointments. Their annual reviews ensure her coverage stays optimal as her needs change. Thanks to them, I can focus on Mom's care instead of paperwork. I highly recommend their services to anyone eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid."
Robert T., 55,
son and caregiver of D-SNP member


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